Services and products

  • The Institute oers a range of services geared towards all industry sectors including petrochemical,
    heavy industry, construction and institutions. This is achieved by contributing to the improvement
    of business performance in a number of key elds, however this is always in relation to the needs
    and requirements of the client.

    These requirements can include but not limited to:
    • evaluation of the risk management level and the performance level
    • implementation of a management system according to a reference system
    (ISO 9001, 14001 etc),
    • targeted performance improvement
    The Institute’s 3rd party consultations are oered in project and program management services.
    Our dedicated teams have a wealth of project management experience for civil and mechanical
    construction projects.
    During the various phases of the project all the involved parties deal with a broad range of
    concerns, the owners, contractors and investors all have budgetary and time constraints. Due to
    theses foreseen issues a reliable third-party company with extensive experience in the eld of
    project management and coordination is of utmost importance. Our range of Project
    Management services include:
    PLANNING STAGE : The management plan for all activities including quantity, schedule, cost, quality
    and safety of the project.
    DESIGN STAGE : Reviewing pre-design, construction documentation to assure consistence with
    input requirements, cost estimates and approval procedures from owner, authorities etc.
    TENDER STAGE: Establishing a tender plan and assisting the owner in the approval of the tender
    plan through all required phases.
    CONSTRUCTION STAGE: Preparation, Execution, Quantity Management, Time Management, Cost
    Management, Quality Management

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