Services and products

  • The Welding Institute’s YUG in-house and partner’s testing laboratories can perform a number of services for both mechanical and civil sectors:


    Mechanical Testing Laboratory can perform:    

    • Mechanical Property Testing

    • Tensile and Yield strength

    • Impact (under different temperatures between

     -196°C up to 1000°C)

    • Rockwell/Brinell/Vickers Hardness

    • Metallography

    • Macro-/Microstructure inspection

    • Grain size

    • Coating thickness

    • Depth of hardening.


    Civil Engineering Testing Laboratory can perform:


    • Tests of Asphalt and Bituminous mixtures

    •  Concrete Tests

    • Geotechnical Study

    • Geotechnical Testing

    • Piles Tests

    • Acoustic Tests

    • Electrical installations

    • Heating systems, air conditioning,

    • Fire safety systems



    The Welding Institute - YUG provides calibration and performance verification of pressure safety (PSV) and relieve devices (PRV) under procedures defined within international calibration specifications. The Welding Institute-YUG services are based on comparative in-house and laboratory tests, based on the international metrological procedures. All testing is performed in accordance with internationally recognised standards, such as ISO’s, American (ASTM), or European(EN, DIN, BS, NF etc.).


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